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in Deadwood, SD, 77+ years ago.

>FLYFISHED for 65+ years Black Hills creeks and other streams, sometimes as far east as Michigan and Pennsylvania, but usually further west in Yellowstone Park, Wyoming, Montana, Utah, and Idaho. Spearfish Creek and The Henry's Fork finally became the two most necessary.  But most of the fly fishing left for me will be done in Spearfish Canyon, home water which never lost its  fascination. And the last of that will probably be done in riffles of the inner eye. 

>MARRIED 52+ years to a bright, beautiful wife, also a college teacher. We have had two fine sons. The younger is a lover of stories told in agates and petrified wood and knows where they can be found. The older loved the Wasatch Range, his lawyering, his family. He died of pancreatic cancer in May 2009, leaving us all with wonderful images of grace despite pressure, images we won't put away until our own last day.

>RETIRED after 37 years of teaching both writing and literature at a liberal arts college. It didn't raise callouses but was nonetheless hard, honorable work. I enjoyed doing it.

>CONVINCED fishing bamboo fly rods and storytelling are two of the four essential things one does in order to remain human. Most have their private ideas about the other two.


>Ernest Hemingway's Foreword to A Fly Fisher's Life by Charles Ritz

Charles Ritz is one of the very finest fishermen I know. He is not only
a great fly fisherman for trout and salmon but he is an articulate writer
and a splendid technician.

He is also an iconoclast who never hesitates to destroy an idol in order
to deal only with true and important facts.

Because he is a charming companion he does not bore a non-technical
reader with his knowledge. But it is there like a mine of true information
for anyone with the desire and the intelligence to work it.

Fishing with Charles Ritz you come to know the streams of Normandy
and Austria and the salmon rivers of the North.

As the world is run now few people can fish as far as Monsieur Charles
fishes. No matter how it is run even fewer people could ever fish as well.

>Arnold Gingrich in The Fishing in Print on Vincent Marinaro, A.J. McClane,
and John McDonald

"No fisherman above the literacy level of our sport can possibly be
unaware of Marinaro's Modern Dry Fly Code, McClane's Standard
Encyclopedia or McDonald's The Complete Fly Fisherman:
The Notes and
Letters of Theodore Gordon."

>John Gierach's last two paragraphs in
Fishing Bamboo

I have heard of fishermen gluing lead shot in the frames of their
reels to add weight for balance. That seems a little extreme to me
(although it's not the weirdest thing I've ever heard of fishermen
doing), but why not if they think it matters and it makes them happy?

I mean, that's why some of us use bamboo fly rods and, as far as that
goes, why we fish at all: because we think it matters and it makes us



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